About Us


  New Hope Baptist Church has a vision to bring glory to our Saviour by being an aggressive soul winning congregation that loves people and has a desire to see them live for the Lord.

  Also to have a Children's Church that leads children to the Lord and to have a desire to serve Him all their life.  We are thankful for all of our Children's Church workers who do a great job in teaching our children.

  To have a dynamic Youth Group that has a heart for God and to see young people surrender to full time Christian service.

  We have a desire to build a new Auditorium to reach our Community for the glory of the Lord.                  


                  Pastor Bruce Smith

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New Hope History

  1. Our first meeting as a Church was held November 11, 1980.  There were thirty-nine (39) present.  Brother Bill McCamon was called to be the Pastor.  Services were held at the Gillespie Ave. address until November 23, 1984. 

  2. Brother David and Sister Grace Bowden secured the land from Roger and Doris Pascal as a donation for the Church to be built at the current address of 1209 Graves Springs Road, Lee County, GA. 

  3. On May 4, 1987 we started our Building Program for our present Church Building.  On Mother's Day 1988 we moved into our new building.  The latest edition (brick) to the auditorium was completed November 2008.

  4. 2009 added new pews, carpet, pulpit, windows, and wood work.